Erik van Buuren studied Materials Science and Technology at Delft University of Technology and Business Administration at Henley Management College. Erik is an acknowledged expert for the Circular Economy, as endorsed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and the Cradle to Cradle design principles developed by Michael Braungart and Bill McDonough.

From 2008 until now, Erik is lecturer and examiner of sustainable design and management at various European universities. Erik was appointed jury member of the official German Design Prize from 2012 – 2014 and is jury member of the Green Product Award. Besides advisory group membership for the revision of the Cradle to Cradle Product Standard and for the European Commission, Erik is curator of sustainable design exhibitions.

Before solely focussing on sustainability in 2007, Erik worked as Senior Management Consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and IBM and as equities analyst for international sustainable investment funds in London and Switzerland. In these functions he obtained extensive corporate strategy and change management experience.

Erik’s consulting and coaching focus lies on management and leadership development in the context of sustainability transition and the interface between strategy and supply chain management regarding corporate ethics and issues of organizational development and communication.

In his work Erik is supported by a team of long-term specialists, creatives, trainers and scientists. He is fluent in Dutch, English and German and has worked with multiple industries and organisations in EU, China, Turkey, Switzerland, USA, India, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Algeria.

EQUITY ANALYSIS – Environmental, Social, Governance and Ethical Research

Erik is an independent, dedicated Chief Analyst for various European sustainable investment funds. The analysis is dedicated to the gaps between corporate communication, corporate performance and societal expectations in the field of environment, social issues, governance and ethics.

Through assessment, strategy and implementation, companies are accompynied to be the very best they can be.  Many sectors are characterized by complex and dynamic supply chains, making transparency a challenge for policy makers and producers. To overcome perceived barriers, all stakeholders within organisations are integrated to focus on profit & growth and enabling change processes.


Besides strategic consulting, together we walk the talk and engineer the change processes of detox product development, circular economy material loops and architecture. With specialist partners, technical advisory is provided with regards to chemical and materials management including hot spot analyses, circular models, chemicals assessment and substitution.

For multiple industries and organisations, beneficial products, increased revenues, new markets and positive reputations were realised (excerpt):
Textile: apparel, basics, sportswear, workwear; cotton, polyester, nylon, leather
Architecture: commercial developments, city halls, schools, hotels
Construction/Interior products: carpets, tiles, paint, coatings, insulation, fabrics, wallpaper, concrete,
Consumer goods: electronics/IT, cosmetics, detergents, packaging
Finance: investment funds, CSR/GRI reporting

evb_jury german design prize

In close co-operation with creatives from Berlin Erik founded Walachei in 2010, a company focussed on developing and marketing certified sustainable products.