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Knowing where I am.
Understanding what I have to do.
And doing it.

Our bodies, relationships, societies, and politics: Everything is constantly undergoing transformational change. That’s why the concept of transformation is so important to us. Erik van Buuren will hold a 3-day workshop on establishing transformative action and knowledge platforms for circular economy and circular society models.

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Environment – Speeches and Matchmaking @MCBW Munich Creative Business Week
An event curated and moderated by Erik van Buuren
When: Thu, 26.02.2015  13:00 – 14:45
Where: Literaturhaus, Munich

Scarce resources, harmless substances, self-sufficient energy supply and social justice play key roles in product design. In what ways do companies and designers use innovation and creativity as central elements to design transformation based on new technologies, materials and economic models?


Keynote speach in Beijing, China

On Febraury 3rd, during the China Green Textile Summit 2015, Erik held a keynote speach on the
implementation of detox textiles.
During the conference Asian and Chinese manufacturers, suppliers and major international textile brands met to discuss the rapid changes in the industry. In this varying environment, what concerns manufacturers are products, technology, investment fields; and who should buyers turn to for production, how to audit and manage, etc. It was great platform and it is
truly encouraging to see brands and local manufacturers going Detox!!


Certified natural cosmetic shampoo Cypress from Erik van Buuren’s vegan and detox product brand Walachei featured in GALA Magazine, October 2014

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Future Chemistry.
Glimpses into the world of tomorrow
One of the most innovative publications in the field of sustainable chemistry and new trends was published by the FAZ-Verlag in 2013. In the year of the 150th anniversary of the Höchst site, Frankfurt, Infraserv looks into the past of the industrial location. But more importantly a focus lies on the future of the chemical industry in Germany and Europe.  The publication “Zukunft Chemie. Perspektiven auf die Welt von morgen“ (Future Chemistry. Glimpses into the world of tomorrow) is dedicated to this exciting and complex topic.
Besides national and international opinion leaders, including Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, Marijn Dekkers, Prof. Dr. José Goldemberg, Günther H. Oettinger etc., FUNDAMENTAL SCHOOL founder Erik van Buuren was invited to contribute.
In „Products have one life – Materials have many“ Erik van Buuren explains his vision and methodology: The circular economy is unfolding at this very moment with more and more organisations embracing models for material recovery and reuse at highest quality level. It is time to join and co-create across traditional industry boarders and disciplines to shape a positive agenda for product development and design.”

ISBN: 978-3-89981-788-1 / ASIN: B00HUV1XAS
BUY a German hard-copy here
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