Contemporary Circular Architecture


FUNDAMENTAL SCHOOL visualises communication of Circular Architecture and Cradle to Cradle for the Built Environment. The Netherlands are frontrunner in the establishing a Circular Economy. As catalyst in the field of Circular Architecture, Erik van Buuren translated Cradle to Cradle Criteria for the Build Environment in Dutch. Based upon these principles, Dutch companies, investors and architects are working towards safe and environmentally sound products, services and buildings. In his work Erik cooperates with companies that have already made a conscious decision to be sustainable today in order to become winners in the future.

Park 20|20  in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, is one of the best examples of Circular Architecture. In Park 20|20 a unique level of sustainability is created together with a human centred design approach to realise the cleanest, most inspiring and productive working environment. FUNDAMENTAL SCHOOL Founder, Erik van Buuren, was involved in the realisation of Park 20|20, with main contractors and the developer.

Contemporary circular architecture sets a positive agenda for rearranging our perception of the built environment by applying Cradle to Cradle philosophy, principles, and implementation tools in a broader concept with technological break-through efficiency to rebuild human, social, natural or financial capital.

Generating a system for social, economic, environmental and human benefits balances choices we make in the contract, design, planning, construction and use phase.

The award winning Park 20|20 working environment project with scheduled 89.000 m2 office space in the Netherlands is a fine example how to be successful in challenging market circumstances by adhering to the Cradle to Cradle design principles. The level of sustainability is based around a human centred design approach to realise a clean, inspiring and productive working environment.

Sustainability is achieved by focussing on the creation of cycles and systems for materials, energy, waste and water.  Park 20|20 is geared to energise and empower stakeholders through architecture and techniques, integrated landscaping and a high level of facilities. Fundamental School cooperates with developers and architects in realising contemporary circular architecture.

Foto: Cover of the publication „Cradle to Cradle voor de gebouwde omgeving“, 2012

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